Serial Activities of 2020 Chengdu Green Travel officially launched

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-09-22 11:02:39

On September 21st, 2020, the 2020 Chengdu Green Travel Serial Activities initiated by Chengdu Transportation Bureau officially launched. The theme of the serial activities is “Practice green commute, build a beautiful Chengdu.” Through popularizing the green transportation, such as bus, subways, shared bicycles, etc., these activities attempt to encourage the citizens to participate in the green commute initiative, in order to accelerate the pace of forming a green and healthy lifestyle.

The serial activities last for 7 days, from September 21st to September 27th, and these activities features a combination of online and offline events. By inviting the citizens of Chengdu, people who came to Chengdu to start their undertakings and the college students studying in Chengdu to experience the green transportation like bus, subway, and shared bicycle, as well as motivating people to participate in green travel checkpoint interactions, the activities aim to call for the public to practice green travel.

The bus traveling experience activity will be held on September 22nd. A representative of Chengdu citizens will take the express bus to experience the convenience and comfort of the bus traveling. The subway traveling experience activity will start on September 23rd. An entrepreneur who came to Chengdu to start the undertaking will take the subway to enjoy its convenience and fast speed. In addition, on September 24th, a college student studying in Chengdu will take a shared bike on the green way to experience the green lifestyle of Chengdu.

The interactive checkpoint activity of green travel will be held during September 22nd to 24th. By taking green transportation, signing on the mobile publicity wall, and taking photos of them holding the publicity board of green transportation, Chengdu citizens will call for the public to practice green travel. Besides, there will be an online lottery draw. Citizens can take part in this event by following the official Weibo and WeChat account of Chengdu Transportation Bureau.

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