Colombian Ambassador to China Expects Enhanced Cooperation With Beijing

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-12-10 17:36:03

"I think it's very important for international social media celebrities to have the opportunity to come and see Beijing and see all the different aspects of the city, the imperial city, the new city, the fine city," said Luis Diego Monsalve, Colombian Ambassador to the People's Republic of China, in an interview with CRI Online after the opening ceremony of the 2020 Silk Road Rediscovery Tour of Beijing's New Development on December 8.  

Colombian Ambassador to China Expects Enhanced Cooperation With Beijing

Luis Diego Monsalve, Ambassador of Colombia to the People's Republic of China, delivers a speech at the opening ceremony. [Photo by Zhao Bo]

The Ambassador believed that the chance to visit Beijing is of great significance to foreign social media influencers, because Beijing is an open city full of distinctive urban views, fascinating stories and surprises. "Since I got to China almost two years ago, Beijing has become my home. I have had the opportunity to experience several faces of the city," he said.

In his first impression, Mr. Monsalve said, Beijing is a modern cosmopolitan city with well-developed transportation, especially with the operation of Beijing Daxing International Airport. He also thought of Beijing as an ancient imperial capital, hearth of the Chinese culture and traditions. The central axis of Beijing embodies the culture of balance and harmony, which can still be found in many architectural designs nowadays. Mr. Monsalve also spoke of Beijing as a city seeking the well-being of the people and encouraging green spaces. He hoped that Colombian cities can share Beijing's commitment to green urbanization.

2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Colombia. The bilateral economic and trade cooperation as well as people-to-people and cultural exchanges boast great potential. The Ambassador said that the Colombian government wants to work with China in creativity and innovation.

In the cultural industry, there is a lot to expect in compilation and publication, film and TV drama, photography, broadcasting, etc. In visual arts, Colombian artists will continue participation in the Beijing Fashion Week to help fashion designs by Colombian designers make their way to the wardrobes of Chinese consumers.

Bilateral cooperation can be further promoted in emerging technologies, such as software development, virtual reality and AI. "We look forward to promoting collaboration and becoming close to potential allies such as the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission," Mr. Monsalve said.

Colombian Ambassador to China Expects Enhanced Cooperation With Beijing

Chinese and foreign guests pose for a group photo. [Photo by Qu Yi]

Mr. Monsalve mentioned that he very much enjoys living in Beijing, a city full of fun, and wished the same for foreign social media influencers attending this event. "(Beijing) looks towards the future. It's really interesting to be here. In the year to come, we will continue to make the most out of living in this amazing city and looking forward to work hand by hand in some of the ideas that I just briefly mentioned," he said.

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