International Internet Celebrities Broadcast the Beauty of Wulijie to the World in Wuhan

|ChinaNews|Published:2021-04-30 21:26:19

On April 22, the "International Internet Celebrities Wuhan Tour" came to Xiaozhuwan and Nongjiafan of Jiangxia District, Wuhan. Multilingual anchors and Internet celebrities from America, Italy, Colombia, and Guatemala enjoyed the beautiful scenery of spring and special dishes of rural areas. They broadcast the new changes of Chinese villages to the world through lens and Internet. 

Internet celebrities immediately started taking pictures and live streaming after they arrived. Beautiful farm courtyards, flowers on fences, tidy country roads, etc. completely attracted their attention. "Is that the Chinese rural areas I know? The changes are dramatic. It will be great if I have chance to live here," American anchor Christopher Chiou said. At first he mistook it as a special scenic spot instead of a real rural area.

Foreign Internet Celebrities are Learning How To Pick Tea Leaves      [Photo by Huang Zhengheng]

American Internet celebrity Brenna Marian Burrows found a beautiful courtyard in her live stream. After asking the host of this courtyard, Brenna found out that many farmers here changed their yards to guesthouses with pastoral-style decoration. At weekends, people from city area choose to drive here and have a “party” with countryside. Xiaozhuwan village turns into the " back garden" of Wuhan.

The development of Wulijie Town was focused not only on infrastructure but also on culture and civilization. Villages like Xiaozhuwan prospers featured with "beauty economy" as their "soft power" get promoted.

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