Universiade-Themed Color-Painted Aircraft Officially Unveiled

|ChinaNews|Published:2021-05-18 17:35:00

Universiade-Themed Color-Painted Aircraft Officially Unveiled_fororder_Picture1

Universiade-themed color-painted aircraft officially unveiled   [Photo by Liu Haiyun]

Lately, the Universiade-themed color-painted aircraft (model A319, number B-6447) finished its coating and was officially unveiled, which was tailored for the Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games by Sichuan Airlines Co., Ltd.

Universiade-Themed Color-Painted Aircraft Officially Unveiled_fororder_Picture2

The airplane body was painted with colored pattern of panda  [Photo by Liu Haiyun]

The main colors of the Universiade-themed color-painted aircraft come from the Universiade emblem. The four colors, red, yellow, green and blue respectively represent the concept of the competition as "Sustainable, Smart, Spirited, Sharing". And there is a flame-shaped panda on the painting pattern, which is the mascot of Chengdu Universiade, "Rongbao".

Universiade-Themed Color-Painted Aircraft Officially Unveiled_fororder_Picture3

The airplane body was painted with colored pattern of panda  [Photo Liu Haiyun]

The Universiade-themed color-painted aircraft is 33 meters long and 34 meters wide, with a full-load voyage of 6800 kilometers, and a maximum cruising altitude of 12 thousand meters. The aircraft has been put into operation.

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