Chengdu's Wuhou District Ranks High With Flourish Nighttime Economy

|ChinaNews|Published:2021-08-10 15:15:40

Wuhou District of Chengdu ranked among the top 10 according to the recent released list of top 100 districts/counties with booming night economy.

Nowadays, a variety of "24-hour" consumption scenarios such as convenience stores, food markets and bookstores, can be found in Wuhou District. More and more business patterns begin to offer services at night. 2021 China Urban Night Economy and Consumption Upgrading Conference" was held in Wuhou District this year, which helped further gather new momentum for the development of nighttime economy.

The district has maintained great development potential with numerous commercial districts, including 19 large shopping centers (Chengdu Joy City, Raffles City, Longfor Jinnan Paradise Walk, etc.), 10 commercial centers (Jinyang, Shuangnan, Kehua Beilu, etc.), 15 nighttime commercial areas (Musical Fun, Jiuyan Bridge, Kehua Road, Tongzilin, etc.) and 14 nighttime economy demonstration spots such as Jinli Ancient Street, Chengdu City Concert Hall, and Joy Park.

In addition, with rich historical resources featuring "Three Kingdoms Culture", "Poetry and Bamboo Culture", "Silk Road Culture" and "Hibiscus Culture " and other cultures, Wuhou District boasts multiple historical sites such as Wuhou Temple, Wangjiang Pavilion, Xue Tao Well, and Liu Bei's Tomb. The district has built on such advantages and unveiled a great number of nighttime events, e.g. Chengdu Temple Fair, Night Tour of Wuhou Temple, Three Kingdoms themed Mid-Autumn Festival Garden Tour, Night in Wuhou, Hibiscus Lantern Festival, Wuhou Beer Festival, and Wuhou Food Festival.

The district also has made great efforts in coordination and planning, and taken active steps in innovative implementation of policies to support the growth of nighttime economy. Also it has done a lot to innovate management system, unify management standards so as to create eco-friendly and safe night fairs.

What's more, to facilitate nighttime consumption, it also designed a schematic drawing of "Wuhou District Consumption Scenario" and "Wuhou District Nighttime Consumption Map" to provide an overview on the commercial, culture & tourism, sports, entertainment & leisure, festivals & events and transportation of the charming district.

Wuhou District will take solid steps to improve and adjust the layout of the nighttime economy, create high-quality nighttime consumption scenarios, and design special nighttime landscapes to further enhance the unique charm of the night in Wuhou.

(Note: Content source is from CNR.)

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