"Selfie-taking Panda" in Dujiangyan Wins International Prize

|ChinaNews|Published:2021-09-15 15:34:44

"Selfie-taking Panda" in Dujiangyan Wins International Prize_fororder_1

Overlooking view of the "Selfie-taking Panda" [Photod by He Bo]

Recently, the 2021 COD Awards was announced, and the "Selfie-taking Panda" in Dujiangyan, Sichuan was honored the Excellence Award for public space.

"Selfie-taking Panda" in Dujiangyan Wins International Prize_fororder_2 

Tourists pay special visit to the "Selfie-taking Panda". [Photod by He Bo]

The "Selfie-taking Panda" is a public space art work with a symbolic theme created for Dujiangyan by a Australian design company called Urban Art Projects and the Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. It was opened to citizens and tourists in Yangtianwo Square in April 2021.

"Selfie-taking Panda" in Dujiangyan Wins International Prize_fororder_3

Aerial view of the "Selfie-taking Panda" [Photod by He Bo]

Florentijn Hofman and his team were inspired by the mountain, water and panda culture in Dujiangyan. Based on comprehensive understanding of the local city planning, tourism resources and historical culture, the creative team paid field visits to the available locations, and finally placed the panda art work at Yangtianwo Square of the city.

"Selfie-taking Panda" in Dujiangyan Wins International Prize_fororder_4

"Selfie-taking Panda" is well received by tourists. [Photod by He Bo]

The "Selfie-taking Panda" is built 26 meters long, 11 meters wide, and 12 meters high, weighing 130 tons in total. Since its debut, it has become an internet-famous place for taking photos in Dujiangyan!

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