Chengdu Metropolitan Area Makes Key Move to Expand the International Circle of Friends

|ChinaNews|Published:2021-12-07 15:52:40

Recently, "Chengdu Metropolitan Area Development Plan" was formally issued. The Chengdu metropolitan area has become the third national metropolitan area in China and the first national metropolitan area in the central and western China, following the Nanjing metropolitan area and the Fuzhou metropolitan area. 

The Chengdu Metropolitan Area is located in the Chengdu Plain Economic Zone, with Chengdu as the center, and the closely connected cities of Deyang, Meishan, and Ziyang. It has a good foundation for co-building a modern metropolitan area, which is one of the most active, innovative, and open regions in the country.

Chengdu Metropolitan Area Makes Key Move to Expand the International Circle of Friends_fororder_chengdu

Chengdu Scenery [Photo provided by Chengdu Better City Investment Group Co. LTD]

The Chengdu metropolitan area has been actively involved in the Belt and Road Initiative and the Development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, deepening opening-up and cooperation. Along the Yangtze River of China's golden waterways to east, the Chengdu metropolitan area takes the initiative to undertake the transfer of industries and strengthen cooperation and interaction in the Yangtze River Delta, so as to extend international economic and trade cooperation with Northeast Asia and the Americas. The Chengdu metropolitan area further synergizes the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the southeast coastal economic belt southwards, and expand economic and trade cooperation with countries in Southeast and South Asia. Relying on westbound international routes and China-Europe freight trains, the Chengdu metropolitan area will build itself into a major hub and gateway for the international market facing Europe and Central and West Asia. Expanding exchanges and cooperation with the central Plains, city clusters of Shandong Peninsula and north and northeast China, the Chengdu metropolitan area also actively participates in the construction of the China-Mongolia-Russia economic Corridor.  

In the future, the Chengdu metropolitan area will continue to optimize the development layout of the whole area, jointly build an open platform to enhance multi-level international cultural exchanges and cooperation, and strive to create a future-oriented, world-oriented  modern metropolitan area with international competitiveness and regional driving force.

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