Relic-rich Shanxi Enacts Rules to Protect Ancient Villages

|Xinhua News|Published:2021-12-23 12:34:14

Relic-rich Shanxi Enacts Rules to Protect Ancient Villages_fororder_幸福太原1

File photo taken on Nov. 5, 2010, shows Liu Qingji arranging corns in Shijiamao Village of Yukou Town in Fangshan County, north China's Shanxi Province. (Xinhua/Liu Liangliang)

North China's relic-rich Shanxi Province will enact a set of regulations to protect its ancient villages, according to local authorities on Monday.

The rules will encourage the participation of individuals and the private sector in jointly protecting the province's around 3,500 ancient cultural sites by means of investing, setting up foundations, donating, lease financing, and providing technical support.

The regulations stipulate that reconstruction, extension, and renovation can be carried out only in line with the village's general protection plan, while villagers are allowed to run homestays and catering services in line with relevant rules. Business operators that participate in the tourism development of villages are required to sign contracts with the village committees, and part of their income will be spent on village protection.

The rules will take effect from March next year.

Shanxi, one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization and the cradle of farming civilization in the Yellow River Basin, is home to the most well-preserved traditional villages in north China. 

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