Looking at Wucheng From a Different Perspective-Romantic Sense of Wucheng

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-11-28 19:24:12

"Is it just facial makeup? " In Jinhua Wu Opera Theater, Senna, an international friend from Tunisia, wore a Wu Opera costume and painted a Wu Opera face. She learned the gestures and posture of the opera on the spot to immerse herself in the charm of the Jinhua Wu Opera.

After experiencing the Jinhua Wu Opera, Senna came to Yantou Village, Andi Town, Wucheng District. She communicated with Yan Jifei, the teacher who made the Guqin, and felt the charm of the Guqin. A boat, a Guqin and a flute. The Guqin and flute are playing together. Senna and Yan Jifei went boating on the lake to enjoy the grand scenery of the Yanyu Lake and the charm of Wucheng.

Production Designers: Zhao Yanhua, Xu Lixing

Director: Huang Dongdong

Associate Production Designer: Zhang Ming, Wen Fei

Photographers: Sun Fengchuan, Jia Chunyang

Edited by Hu jun, Li Xumei, Huang Dongdong

Visual Effect by Hu Jun

Translated by Fuori

Production Managers: Yue Yinghong, Chen Li, Jia Xiaoru

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