The 2022 China · Chengdu City Value Promotion Conference for Yuehu Science and Technology City Held Successfully

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-01-24 15:32:35

On January 20th, for the win-win development based in Yuehu, the 2022 China · Chengdu City Value Promotion Conference for Yuehu Science and Technology City in Wuhou, was successfully held. High-profile investors gathered to investigate the major investment opportunities in Yuehu S&T City. The conference deeply analyzed the regional benefits for the participating investment enterprises in connection with urban planning, regional development advantages and future development prospects for Yuehu Science and Technology City. At the same time, the "List of Opportunities for City Partners" was also released at the conference.

Yuehu Science and Technology City is located outside the 3rd ring road in southwest Chengdu, covering an area of about 38.43 kilometers. It is focused on being the site for scientific and technological innovation of high-end new materials, an experimental area for scientific and technological achievements transformation as well as the location for scientific and technological innovation of strategic industries in Chengdu.

In terms of industrial development, with high-end new materials at the core, Yuehu Science and Technology City extends the development of electronic information, medicine and health industries, enlightens layout for advanced producer services, and intends to construct a "1+2+N" modern industrial system.

In terms of commercial momentum, Yuehu Science and Technology City has acquired large commercial complexes, including Wuyue Plaza, Longhu Starry Street and Wuhou Wanda Plaza. At the same time, Joy City and Longhu Paradise Walk outside the 3rd ring road of Chengdu have generated significant commercial influence.

In the future, Yuehu Science and Technology City intends to enhance the axis of Yongkang ecological vitality and Sichuan-Tibet innovation, with scientific and technological innovation and transformation of their achievements as its priority, and urban organic renewal as its starting point to create a national intellectual property demonstration park, and to construct a solid foundation for future developments in order to develop Chengdu into an "experimental area for innovation, research, and transformation of achievements".

The 2022 China · Chengdu City Value Promotion Conference for Yuehu Science and Technology City in Wuhou_fororder_图片1

Yuehu New Material Science and Technology Center [Picture via Yuehu Science and Technology City in Wuhou, Chengdu]

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