5 Villages of Lingqiu, Datong Elected "Village Gala" Showing New Custom of the Village to Audience All Over the Country

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-01-27 16:20:29

Recently, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China has released the list of 2022 national "Village Gala" demonstration and Heilonghe village, Andi village, Hongshileng village, Longqugou village and Luoshuihe village were on the list.

In order to enrich people's culture life and show the style of rural civilization in the new era, during last Spring Festival period, people who work in Datong culture and tourism industry visited Lingqiu county, Yunzhou district, Guangling county etc., through shooting local "Village Gala", demonstrating "good stuff", "nice view", "local talents" etc. and recommending Datong year custom handicrafts, featured agricultural products and scenic spots for tourists. After the video being set online, rich culture of the Spring Festival and cultural activities of rural areas in Datong have attracted many people. Through research and selection, 5 villages of Lingqiu county were selected as the demonstration spots for "Village Gala" this year.

It is learned that there were in total 80 districts from all over the country enlisted as the demonstration spots of "Village Gala". Themed on "joyous Spring Festival and Winter Olympic - our beautiful life", the "Village Gala" aimed to demonstrate folk custom, art, nice stuff and beautiful scenery. Now, enlisted demonstration spots have started the preparation of shows. Many shows with local features and meaningful year custom demonstration are in preliminary selection. 

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