Sichuan Airlines A350 "Universiade"-Themed Painted Aircraft Unveiled

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-02-25 13:58:27

On February 23, the first A350 "Universiade"-themed painted aircraft tailored for the 31st Summer Universiade by Sichuan Airlines Co., Ltd. arrived in Chengdu after being painted in Guangzhou. This is also the third " Universiade " aircraft of Sichuan Airlines Co., Ltd.

The fuselage of this aircraft is 66.8 meters long and it has 331 spacious seats, portholes with wide field of view, and LED ambient lighting system, etc., which can provide passengers with a comfortable flight experience. This aircraft takes the main vision of the Universiade as the core design concept, and combines the "standard visual elements of the Universiade" and "torch theme elements" to carry out in-depth design to convey the spirit of the Universiade and the style of Chengdu.

According to the plan, the aircraft will be put into operation soon, and will be used for the Chengdu-Hangzhou flight, and will play the main role in the transportation of international/regional teams in the Chengdu Universiade.

Sichuan Airlines A350 "Universiade"-Themed Painted Aircraft Unveiled_fororder_3

The A350 "Universiade"-themed painted aircraft [Photo via Chengdu Universiade Executive Committee]

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