Chengdu: An artistic City Full of Life

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-03-04 17:58:20

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Salmanis' artwork "All Things Shining" at the exhibition [Photo via A4 Art Museum]

In August 2019, Latvian artist Krišs Salmanis came to Chengdu from his hometown Riga and was attracted by this leisure and artistic city.

Salmanis carried out a three-month artistic practice in Chengdu and created the video named "All Things Shining", which consists of an exaggerated close-up of a face and a soundtrack section from "Jasmine Flower" in Sichuan Opera.

Chengdu: An artistic City Full of Life_fororder_1

Indoor wall painting created by Frank and local painter Luo Shipeng [Photo by interviewee]

Frank Vollebregt is an artist and architect from the Netherlands. He first came to Chengdu in 2004 and again in 2010. Frank pursues the sense of art and design in details, and once created a large indoor wall painting for a restaurant with a local painter named Luo Shipeng. According to Frank,"The fact that everyone feels different about it is the meaning of art."

With the extensive spread of Chengdu's city labels, such as world famous cultural city, world famous tourism city and global gourmet city, Chengdu has been attracting more foreign artists who decide to come to Chengdu, experience life, look for inspiration, and even settle down in Chengdu. Chengdu is further opening up to the world even more inclusively.

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