The Dance "Auspicious Cranes for A Millennium" Shows the Cultural Connotation of Qingming Festival in Kaifeng, China

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-04-06 15:07:18

Source: Office of the Cyberspace Affairs Commission of Kaifeng Municipal Party Committee

Recently, Kaifeng, China launched the 2022 Special Program for Qingming Festival. Among all the performances, the dance "Auspicious Cranes for A Millennium" tells the story of the Yellow River, recreates the city style of the Northern Song Dynasty, and shows the cultural heritage of the Qingming Festival in Kaifeng through soaring cranes and beautiful dances.

As one of the most important traditional festivals in China, Qingming Festival has a rich cultural connotation.  Along the River During the Qingming Festival, a masterpiece of Zhang Zeduan, an artist of the Northern Song Dynasty, vividly depicts the prosperous scene of the Qingming Festival and shows the unique historical origin of Kaifeng and Qingming culture. In 2009, Kaifeng was named as the "Qingming Cultural Heritage Base of China" by the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association.

In recent years, Kaifeng has taken the inheritance and promotion of Qingming culture as its responsibility, deeply explored the historical and cultural connotation of Qingming Festival, firmly established cultural self-confidence, inherited and carried forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture. It has carried out a series of cultural activities around Qingming culture to show the taste, symbols and heritage of Kaifeng, forming a unique brand of Qingming folk culture, further manifesting the characteristics, the heritage, the ancient capital style of the city, and continuously expanding the visibility and influence of the ancient capital Kaifeng at home and abroad.

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