Ms. Zhang Aijun with SIBS: International Schools Become An Option After the High School Entrance Exam; Every Student’s Individuality Respected with A Global Vision

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(CRIonline, Education Channel): Multiple educational reform measures have been introduced or implemented under the education policy reform in 2022, which will effectively enhance schools' educational level, give respect to the individuality of each child, and help cultivate high-quality students with an international perspective. Education Interview of CRIonline Education Channel talks with people in charge of international schools to dig deep into their educational philosophies and their stories back-stage, and provide a direct interaction between parents and principals to experience the international education at first hand.

In a recent interview with Ms. Zhang Aijun, principal and individual investor of Springboard International Bilingual School (SIBS), she stated that each child's individuality needs to be respected with a global vision.

Ms. Zhang Aijun with SIBS: International Schools Become An Option After the High School Entrance Exam; Every Student’s Individuality Respected with A Global Vision_fororder_图片2

Ms. Zhang Aijun, principal and individual investor of Springboard International Bilingual School (SIBS)

The best choice is what suits for the students

In the last decade, Ms. Zhang has witnessed the changes in the educational system in China's Reform and Opening Up. She felt vocational education has been gradually neglected compared with rapid economic growth in the country. However, the country now is investing targeted efforts to develop vocational education, which fully conforms to the future trend in China.

In other countries, for example, in Germany, students can apply for applied bachelors' degree, master's degree and even doctoral degree from secondary and higher vocational schools.

Germany designed its educational system with diversions and a returning channel, which provides students an opportunity to adjust and choose for themselves. There is a similar system in the UK and Australia. In many western countries, the salary of vocational and technical personnel even exceeds that of university graduates.

Ms. Zhang Aijun with SIBS: International Schools Become An Option After the High School Entrance Exam; Every Student’s Individuality Respected with A Global Vision_fororder_图片3

China's educational system is still in its reform and development. A scientific view on education and talents needs to be instructed and grounded among parents. It can be a long process.

Regarding the choice anxiety after the high school entrance examination, Ms. Zhang believes that students should be the main entity to make the choice and that they should be provided with more opportunities to choose from. Many factors come to determine the results of that exam. However, students' future should not be decided by one-time exam result. In Ms. Zhang's teaching career, she has witnessed many students who became a final winner at the latter part of their education. There is nothing wrong with vocational education, but many people have prejudice against it. All in all, whether they apply for high schools and then the college, or they go to vocational schools to be a technical talent, both can be very good choices, as long as it suits the students.

Students can choose international schools even after taking the high school entrance examination

Ms. Zhang said that there are mainly three directions for students after the high school entrance examination: high schools, vocational schools, and international schools.

Many families suffer from choice anxiety when the entrance examination comes. For those families facing this exam, parents can choose international schools.

If the students' grades are in the top 15% of their grade, their parents are mostly likely to be freed from this anxiety. Most of the parents would rather choose international schools for their children' senior high school education, which will pave the way for an international education in the future.

For students with less satisfactory academic performance, they have two options. One is vocational schools. The other is international schools, which can cultivate students' English competency, shape their character, and develop their individuality. They can apply for overseas college after graduation.

Relatively speaking, parents whose children have average academic performance suffer most from the anxiety. They have invested a lot of energy and money in education in the early stage. It's hard for them to accept vocational schools due to the diversion policy after high school entrance examination.

In addition, students with specialties in sports, music and art, may not have an advantage in knowledge-acquired courses, but they have a clear plan for their life. From the above situations, international schools are a better choice for these families.

Choose the curriculum system based on students' development goals and plans at will

Ms. Zhang introduced that SIBS, with a 22-year history, has been equipped with a comprehensive international curriculum system to meet different needs from parents as they have different choices for their children's future plans.

Springboard International Junior High School offers AP courses of the United States, International Baccalaureate Diploma Program recognized internationally, and A-level courses of Cambridge, the UK. In addition, it adopts an English-teaching environment for its international Art High School. All the courses are provided by foreign faculty members.

First, SIBS has a favorable English-teaching environment. All its senior high courses are delivered by foreign teachers whose mother language is English. The inherent language advantages and the mix-up of Chinese and Western ideas can better cultivate children's logical thinking ability.

Second, SIBS has the best faculty. Its teachers from senior high school are all masters and doctors with an overseas educational background. They are proficient in delivering international courses and guiding international competitions and various exams bilingually, offering comprehensive supervision and care to students both in their academic course studies and in their morality construction.

Finally, SIBS officially offers the international art pathway in high school (G9 - G12) and BTEC courses for sports, which enables students to improve their English and other knowledge-acquired courses while developing their specialties in arts and sports. SIBS's top faculty team can help students successfully apply for top universities overseas.

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