Guizhou Miao Embroidery: Treasure of Art And History of Totem without Words

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-04-19 10:01:31

Miao embroidery is the artistic treasure of Guizhou province, with its simple and naive shape, strong and bright colors, harmonious and natural style, and unique artistic aesthetic value. The patterns of Miao embroidery record the ancient stories of Chinese civilization, the devout beliefs and customs of the ethnic. It is a totem worn by the Miao people and also their history book without words.

Guizhou Miao Embroidery refers to the embroidery skills inherited from the Miao people. The Miao embroidery art is one of the unique forms demonstrating Miao history and culture, and the crystallization of Miao women's diligence and wisdom. Miao embroidery stitches can be roughly divided into seven types: embroidering, inserting, tying, sprinkling, dotting, picking and stringing. The clever Miao women  love cross-stitch, weave and embroidery. Embroidery is an integral part of their life.

The simple and free expression form of Miao embroidery is the epitome of "Tao modelling itself after nature". The rich decorative patterns of Miao embroidery,  coming from the rich spiritual world of Miao people, is the inheritance of ethic tradition, the imitation of nature and the reflection of their feeling of a better life. The Miao embroidery accept and present all beautiful things, so there is the integration of heaven and earth, mountains and water, affinity and affection in the same picture. Miao embroidery shows the Miao people's understanding of life, that is, happiness can be permeated with each other.

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