Chengdu Metro Pilots Takeaway Breakfast Service

||Published:2022-07-21 10:17:44

Chengdu Metro has recently put its first takeaway breakfast project "Morning Panda" into trial operation at Shangxianli of Century City, Chengdu, Sichuan province.

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A poster of takeaway breakfast project "Morning Panda"

This project refers to the breakfast services provided at the subway entrance by Chengdu Rail Resources Management Company, a subsidiary of Chengdu Metro.

It sells high-quality and delicious breakfast in subway stations with high flow of people so that the commuters can take the food on their way to work.

The first subway takeaway breakfast project in Southwest China, "Morning Panda" aims to satisfy the commuters' practical needs for quality breakfasts, and showcase Chengdu Metro's thoughtfulness to its customers.

Operators of the project pay special attention to ensuring food safety. All foods are cooked on the site following strict food security standards.

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"Morning Panda" foods are mainly of Sichuan cuisine.

The food is mainly of Sichuan cuisine. The menu, which now includes pickled pepper beef bun, soy sauce meat bun, eggs and soybean milk, will be adjusted according to the customers' practical needs. The other food that will added to it includes spinach bun and custard bun, according to the company.

The food is now ordered and delivered directly on the site in subway station. Set meals are offered to save time for the "decidophobia."

And the company said it is working on a meal-order platform and in the near future customers can order their breakfast in advance, and take the food in subway station.

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