Fresher Water, Better Life

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-07-26 16:29:16

On a crisp fall day in Botswana, the family of Batsile Olekile, villagers in Shoshong Town, are busy preparing lunch. They are rinsing the tablewareand washing the fresh vegetables with cool tap water. This used to be a rare experience for the Olekiles. “Since the operation of the Mahalapye Water Treatment Plant, we no longer have to worry about the water being cut off when doing laundry and cooking,”Batsile says.

The Mahalapye Water Treatment Plant is located in Mahalapye Town, 50 kilometers from Shoshong.The plant expansion project was undertaken by China State Construction Engineering Corporation Botswana (CSCEC). The daily water purification capacity increased from 16,000 cubic meters to 34,000 cubic meters, dramaticallyimproving the local water supply capacity. Water supply coverage expanded to villages about 70 kilometers away, which alleviated the water shortageamongthe residents to a great extent. 

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