Sri Lanka Introduces Five-year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa Scheme

|Xinhua|Published:2022-09-02 17:10:10

Sri Lanka's Tourism Minister Harin Fernando said the country has extended its multiple-entry tourist visa to five years to boost repeat tourism.

The minister said that Sri Lanka now offers one-year multiple entry visas. The country also issues single entry visas with a six-month stay period.

The minister said that the cabinet of ministers approved his proposal on August 29.

"Cabinet agreed to extend five-year multiple entry tourist visas for 35 countries to help boost repeat tourism in Sri Lanka. A tourist can stay in Sri Lanka for six months in one stretch with this scheme," the minister said.

The minister said that the country had earlier offered a three-month "digital nomad" visa for tourists to attract foreigners engaged in remote work.

The minister said that tourism has picked up in July and August. He added that they expect 1 million tourists to arrive in Sri Lanka in 2022.

"We expect USD 2 billion from tourism this year," he said.

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