I'm pretty good in "Zhejiang"----Dynamic Jindong

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-09-30 14:30:21

George is from Mexico and runs a trade company. During 9 years in Jindong District, Jinhua, he saw great changes. From the establishment of the Free Trade Zone and Jinyi Comprehensive Bonded Zone to the development of urban transportation, it makes some difference to his work and life. George and his family regard Jindong as their second home.


Production Designers:Xu Yan, Xu Lixing

Director: Huang Dongdong

Associate Production Designer: Wen Fei

Photographers:Sun Fengchuan, Jia Liming

Edited by Hu Jun

Visual Effect by Zhang Xinyue

Translated by Vivian Ren, Fuori, Xu Meiling

Production managers: Fu Qinglei, Jia Xiaoru, Vivian  Ren

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