[Good Living in China Season 2] Time-Space Encounter Between Foreigners and Jining

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-10-11 14:11:05

Jining is not only the "hometown of Confucius and Mencius" but also the "capital of the canal," witnessing the development and flourishing of the Chinese civilization through thousands of years. ABDELAZIZ AHMED ABDELAZIZ MAHMOUD SALLAM from Egypt, an experienced China hand, and KIM JUNBUM, an international friend from South Korea, visited the Confucius Family Mansion in Qufu, experienced Confucius' deep concern for the nation in Nishan Sacred Land Scenic Area, and tasted local delicacies in Nanyang Ancient Town on Weishan Lake. Let's follow them and enjoy immersive experiences of Jining's local customs and Confucianism's poetic charm.

Executive Producer: Jiang Lili

Program Planner: Liu Muchen

Editor: Liu Wenjing

Cameramen: Chen Xintao

                      Li Nuo

Special Guests: KIM JUNBUM (South Korea)

                          ABDELAZIZ AHMED ABDELAZIZ MAHMOUD SALLAM (Egypt)

Presenters: CRI Online 

                   China Internet Development Foundation

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