Shanxi to Develop Health Care Core Zone

|China Daily|Published:2022-11-28 09:52:07

North China's Shanxi province will form a core health care core zone with provincial capital Taiyuan at the center and also including the cities of Xinzhou and Jinzhong.

In the zone, the province will promote the construction of health care communities, health care villages, and Chinese herbal medicine industrial bases, introduce and incubate health care enterprises, create health care demonstration counties and districts, and develop health care industrial clusters integrating tourism, natural education and experience, living, health care, medical care, and nursing. 

Shanxi plans to build health care-oriented tourism resorts and rural health care complexes and develop 15-20 provincial health demonstration bases relying on forest parks, wetland parks, water conservancy scenic spots, rivers and lakes, and hot spring resorts in the three cities.

More tourist products featuring traditional Chinese medicine, health care experience, recuperation and rehabilitation, and beauty care will be developed as well.

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