Taiyuan Adds Intercity EMU Trains to Xinzhou

|China Daily|Published:2022-11-28 10:04:20

The Taixin intercity electric multiple unit (EMU) train service between Taiyuan and Xinzhou in North China's Shanxi province was launched on July 4.  

In addition to the already existing daily nine round-trip EMU trains between the two cities, China Railway Taiyuan Group Co added three round-trip EMU trains to make intercity travel more convenient. 

The added Taixin intercity trains depart from Taiyuan South Railway Station at 7:11, 14:05 and 17:38 every day, via Railway Taiyuan Station and Xinzhou West Railway Station, and finally stop at Yuanping West Railway Station, passing through major areas of Taiyuan and Xinzhou.

With the additional trains, the train launch interval between the two cities has been shortened to about half an hour in the morning and during evening peak hours.

The new intercity trains will improve transportation and help drive the integrated development of the two cities.

In addition, the trains will spur the transformation and development of industries and the construction of the Taiyuan-Xinzhou Integrated Economic Zone.

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