Looking at Wucheng From a Different Perspective-Wu Style and Song Rhyme

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-12-01 09:18:23

Kneading mud, pulling out the embryo, spraying glaze, blowing glaze, dipping glaze, etc. At the Chenxinhua Wuzhou Pottery Art Museum, Wang Mulin, an international friend from Egypt, followed Chen Xinhua, the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Wuzhou Pottery firing technology. Mulin learned how to make Wuzhou Pottery and felt the charm of it.

After experiencing the production of Wuzhou Pottery, Wang Mulin came to a restaurant. Here, He could immerse himself in the culture of the Song Dynasty in different ways, including clothing, tea, snacks, musical instruments, dishes, etc. Wang Mulin experienced the life of the Song Dynasty, traveling through time and having endless fun.

Production Designers: Zhao Yanhua, Xu Lixing

Director: Huang Dongdong

Associate Production Designer: Zhang Ming, Wen Fei

Photographers: Sun Fengchuan, Jia Chunyang

Edited by Hu jun, Li Xumei, Huang Dongdong

Visual Effect by Hu Jun

Translated by Fuori

Production Managers: Yue Yinghong, Chen Li, Jia Xiaoru

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