Shanxi's Taiyuan Transformed From a City of Heavy Industries to a City of Parks

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-12-08 18:22:32

Taiyuan used to be a city of heavy industries, troubled by environmental pollution. In recent years, it has taken several measures for pollution control, among which the rising number of parks has become one of the highlights.

By the end of 2021, Taiyuan has built 54 comprehensive parks, 12 specialized parks, seven belt-shaped parks, 58 community gardens, 309 roadside gardens (and squares), and 260 roadside green spaces. A total of 79 roadside parks and green spaces scatter along the nine-kilometer-long Jiefang Road.

The changes in Taiyuan vividly reflect China's practice of ecological development and environmental protection. The city continues to share its experiences and stories, presenting its new image to the world.

In addition to the renovation of Yingze Park and Shuangta Cultural Park, the Fen River Scenic Area, Taiyuan Botanical Garden, Jinyang Lake Ecological Park and Daotian Park have become new scenic landmarks of the city. These venues not only meet the locals' needs for fitness, outdoor activities, photography and more, but also are public spaces for Taiyuan people to greet friends from other parts of China and abroad. According to the statistics provided by the Bureau of Gardens and Forestry of Taiyuan, parks in Taiyuan received 67 million visitors in 2021.

With the environment getting improved, the number of species of birds inhabiting the Fen River Scenic Area has reached 165. The lifestyle of residents has also changed. For instance, it has become a new trend for Taiyuan people to ride to and from work along the city's riverfront bike route.

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