Chengdu Wins the First Place in the 2022 China's Happiest City

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-12-30 14:44:42

Chengdu Wins the First Place in the 2022 China's Happiest City_fororder_图片 1

Honor Certificate [Photo via Chengdu Municipal Party Committee Cyberspace Affairs Commission]

Recently, the "2022 China Happy Cities Forum" co-hosted by Outlook Oriental Weekly and Outlook Think Tank was held in Hangzhou. The forum released the "2022 China's Happiest Cities" list, and Chengdu once again topped the list, winning the title of "China's Happiest Cities" for 14 consecutive years. In addition, Wenjiang District of Chengdu won the title of "City (District) with the Most Happiness for Entrepreneurs in 2022", and Shuangliu District and Longquanyi District won the title of "China's Happiest District in 2022".

It is understood that the "Investigation and Selection of the Happiest City in China" has been successfully held for 16 consecutive sessions so far. The survey of happy cities in 2022 has made new attempts in the direction, focusing on the specific practice and exploration of urban governance units through big data collection, material declaration, field research and expert review. At the same time, the survey and selection activities have always adhered to the people-centered and the survey and selection concepts of "citizen evaluation, objective records, and precise analysis". It has received extensive attention from experts, scholars, city managers and all walks of life, and has become the most influential city survey and selection activity in China.

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