Come to Liaoning for a Trip to a Real Winter Wonderland

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-01-19 15:01:43

Liaoning Province is the winter sports training epicenter of China, and has placed a special focus on developing local winter tourism. Recent years have witnessed the construction of a number of large ski resorts in the province, such as Northeast Asia Ski Resort, Baiqingzhai Ski Resort, and Qipan Mountain Ski Resort, and winter tourism sits at the core of Liaoning’s tourism development strategy. Interest in winter sports has been on the rise, in no small part thanks to the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

The province currently has a total of 38 large, medium, and small-sized ski resorts and approximately 100 entertainment-based snow (carnival) parks. In addition to the first national ski resort group in Dandong Tianqiaogou, the Liaoning Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Liaoning Province Sports Bureau came together to initiate four provincial projects: Qipan Mountain Ice and Snow World in Shenyang, the Huaximu Hot Springs Resort in Benxi, the Dandong Tianqiaogou Ski Resort, and the Gongchangling Hot Spring and Ski Resort in Liaoyang. The resorts have been blessed with plenty of natural resources for skiing and an abundance of different types of offerings from healthcare vacations to entertainment.

Liaoning has developed a full range of winter tourism opportunities that combine a variety of different business forms. The province has designed and launched high-quality winter tourism routes and established a winter tourism system that spans the entire region, turning it into an object of global interest, incorporating experience routes for winter culture and themed tourism routes such as the "Journey along Liaohe River". Liaoning has also launched special packages for tourists to experience the unique customs of the Spring Festival. So whether it be to experience the charm of the snow and ice or to ring in a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year, Liaoning has it all for a very special Spring Festival with Northeastern Chinese characteristics.

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