Iconic Qianmen Silk Store Reopens After Renovation

|China.org.cn|Published:2023-01-28 16:21:29

Iconic Qianmen Silk Store Reopens After Renovation_fororder_89

[Photo via Beijing Daily]

The Qianxiangyi Silk Store in Beijing's Xicheng district launched a cultural event featuring intangible cultural heritage items along the Beijing Central Axis on Jan. 19, marking the reopening of the time-honored brand after renovation.

The event, which will last through Jan. 20, is being held in the newly renovated store located on the Beijing Central Axis, the core area of China's capital city. Established during the Qing Dynasty, the store has a total construction area of 1,399 square meters, with 636 square meters designated as a cultural relic section.

The renovation project, which was launched in August of last year, included fixing safety issues while preserving historical and cultural elements to the maximum extent. Thanks to the renovation, visitors can now enjoy a better understanding of the historical transformation of the Qianmen area.

On the first day of the reopening, a cultural fair featuring more than a dozen intangible cultural heritage items was staged on the ground floor of the shop, while the second floor featured a comic dialogue, also known as crosstalk.

The two-day event also features other forms of Chinese folk art to boost the festive atmosphere. A market hosted in the wing building allows visitors to purchase a variety of cultural and creative products.

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