The First "Ai Qing Poetry Award" Ceremony and Ai Qing Poetry Week Music and Poetry Conference Held

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-03-30 14:41:58

On Monday evening, the 1st "Ai Qing Poetry Award" Ceremony and Ai Qing Poetry Week Music and Poetry Conference were held at Jindong Humanities Expo Center, Jinhua, Zhejiang.

They played the promotional film "Footprints of Poet Ai Qing" at the award ceremony. In addition, the ceremony awarded the winners of the "Ai Qing Poetry Award," "Ai Qing Poetry Young Poet Award," and "Ai Qing Poetry Nomination Award" and performed "Dayan River - My Nanny." The ceremony also included the appointment of "Ai Qing's Hometown Honorary Poet." In addition, the second "Ai Qing Poetry Award" was released.

Ai Qing is one of the three great people's poets of the 20th century. He also is the founding president of the China Poetry Society. "Ai Qing Poetry Week" and "Ai Qing Poetry Award", established by the China Poetry Society and the Jindong District People's Government, aim to inherit and carry forward the poetry culture. Poetry in the new era will unite the strength of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Huang Guojun, Secretary of the Jindong District Party Committee of Jinhua, said that Jindong would continue to support the holding of the "Ai Qing Poetry Award," build it into a landmark brand of Jindong culture, and create a critical window to display the charm of Jindong and the image of the new district.

Chinese Poetry Society and the Jindong District People's Government jointly initiated and established the "Ai Qing Poetry Award" in May 2021. It awards every two years with the written authorization of Ms. Gao Ying, Ai Qing's wife. After expert review, "Memory of the Future" by Wang Jiaxin, "Green Mountains Have Never Been So Full" by Quan Zi, and "Listening to the Secret Words of Everything in the Attic" by Hei Tao won the "Ai Qing Poetry Award"; "Notes on Hualuping" by Wang Dandan and "Time Finally Made Me Understand" by Xiong Yan won the "Ai Qing Poetry Young Poet Award"; "Every Morning in the World" by Gu He, "Surprise" by A Xin, "Zhang Zhan's Poems" by Zhang Zhan, "The Shape of Water: Selected Lyric Poems of Gao Xing" by Gao Xing, and "Therapy, Mother Tongue" by Xiao Xiao won the "Ai Qing Poetry Nomination Award."

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