Ya'an,Shimian: Wild Giant Pandas Appear Together on Camera

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-04-24 19:59:05

Recently, staff from the Ya'an, Shimian area of the Giant Panda National Park discovered a scene of two wild giant pandas appearing together on camera while sorting out images of infrared cameras installed and recycled in the wild.

In the video, two wild giant pandas with a leisurely pace walking together in the woods, like a pair of walking "friends".

At the same time, in the infrared camera set up in the Liziping National Nature Reserve, there was also a scene of a wild giant panda rubbing its skin and itching against a tree trunk. It sometimes sniffed the tree trunk, and sometimes lay still on the side.

In recent years, the Ya'an, Shimian area of the Giant Panda National Park has fully applied high-tech technologies such as satellite remote sensing to establish an integrated ecological monitoring system that covers basic communication networks, real-time monitoring of wildlife IoT, data display centers, local databases, and "heaven, earth and human beings" comprehensive information service systems. In addition to the activity footage of giant pandas, there are also scenes of black bears competing for food and monkeys going out to search for food in the Ya'an, Shimian area of the Giant Panda National Park.

(Mengqin Li, Qiaoshi Wan, Gang Huang, Sichuan Daily, omnimedia reporter, Weirui Xue)

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