Video | Guangyuan, Tangjia River: The Mother and Son of the Giant Panda are Out for a Walk!

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-04-24 19:52:33

[Video via the Management Office of Tangjia River National Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province]

Recently, ecological monitoring personnel from the White Panda Terrace Conservation Station in the Tangjia River area of the Giant Panda National Park were pleasantly surprised to find precious footage of two wild giant pandas walking together in the same frame in the first quarter of 2023 infrared camera data.

In the camera, two giant pandas walk leisurely on the snow with standard inner octagonal steps, one in front of the other, "strolling and observing". According to experts' individual, behavioral, and seasonal assessments of giant pandas, these two pandas are mother and son. In the picture, the female giant panda advances all the way, exploring the path for the two and a half year old cub, followed closely by the giant panda cub. When two giant pandas are parallel, they seem to be attracted by the quiet and beautiful snow scenery in front of them, and both stop and observe.

The White Panda Terrace area of Tangjia River is distributed with mixed coniferous and broad-leaved forest vegetation, abundant resources of coarse and short bracted bamboo, and sufficient water sources. It is a key core distribution area for giant pandas, with over 40 infrared cameras installed. According to the monitoring of giant pandas in recent years, there is a very stable distribution of giant panda populations in the region.

(Text by Wenhan Yang)

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