Why are giant pandas so precious?

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-04-25 17:40:12

When it comes to giant pandas, everyone thinks they are very precious. Why are giant pandas so precious? As a model for protecting endangered species in the world, giant pandas have gradually formed irreplaceable cultural values in the historical process of biodiversity conservation. The giant panda is an ancient species with a history of 8 million years. Many iconic species of its time no longer exist, and humans can gain more scientific knowledge and even philosophical thinking from it. It is not only a specific natural species, but also an important component of human culture.

Why are giant pandas so precious?_fororder_大熊猫嬉戏

Pandas playing with each other [Photo by Xu Jun]

Giant pandas reflect values from five aspects:

Firstly, it is manifested as the appreciable aesthetic significance. The image of giant pandas is very cute, and every country, race, and age in the world loves giant pandas very much.

Secondly, the connotation of ecological diversity reflected in giant pandas. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has chosen the giant panda as its symbol, which is the best manifestation of the cultural value of the giant panda.

Thirdly, the cultural value of giant pandas. The giant panda is a unique species in China, and its black and white colors match the yin and yang colors of Taoist culture. It has a very important traditional Chinese cultural feature and is a symbol of the country and nation.

Fourthly, giant pandas are ambassadors of friendship. For a long time, giant pandas have played an irreplaceable role in promoting cultural exchanges between China and countries around the world as a national gift given to friends of the Chinese people.

Fifthly, the ecosystem and traditional culture of the distribution area of giant pandas. The ecosystem on which giant pandas rely for survival and the traditional ways of production and life of the people in their habitats have been preserved, which plays a very important role in the construction of ecological civilization and the inheritance of traditional culture.

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