The Opening of Lu Bing Children's Literature Museum in Jindong District, Jinhua City

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-06-05 17:14:09

The Opening of Lu Bing Children's Literature Museum in Jindong District, Jinhua City_fororder_图片1

Opening Ceremony of Lu Bing Children's Literature Museum [Photo by Zhu Jiahong]

Lu Bing Children's Literature Museum is in the hometown of the famous children's literature author Lu Bing, Suoyuan Village, Lipu Town. In May of this year, under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the Jindong Party Committee, funded by the Government of Lipu Town, and with the articles and materials of Lu Bing donated by his family members, the Lu Bing Children's Literature Museum was built. It based on Lu Bing's former residence Runze Hall. The Museum not only reproduces Lu Bing’s psychological journey from his childhood free growth, youth of taking the pen joining the army to his middle-age of deeply cultivating the creation and editing of children's literature, but also combines the works of many influential scholars in domestic literary circles, such as Ye Shengtao, Bing Xin, Ai Qing, Sheng Ye, and Jiang Feng, with Lu Bing as the link, weaving a colorful map of children's literature.

In recent years, Jindong District has been committed to repairing, developing, and utilizing celebrity cultural relics. It activates celebrity residences, holds cultural festivals, inherits the essence, polishes the city brand, and makes every effort to create a "Golden Business Card." Taking the opening of the Lu Bing Children's Literature Museum as a new start, Jindong will build it into a happy, cheerful, upward research base and children's paradise. At the same time, we will further accelerate the innovation of a series of cultural celebrity brands in Jindong. Furthermore, relying on the location advantages and local market demand, the territory of the cultural tourism industry in Jindong will open up and expand. The series of actions will provide solid cultural support to "building a growth pole in central Zhejiang and a new center in the future."

The Opening of Lu Bing Children's Literature Museum in Jindong District, Jinhua City_fororder_图片2

At the event site, the "Children's Literature Tour" research season in Jindong District was launched [Photo by Zhu Jiahong]

At the opening ceremony, the leaders attending the meeting unveiled the Lu Bing Children's Literature Museum. In addition, they announced the establishment of the "Little Tadpole Growth Scholarship Fund." Furthermore, the launch ceremony of the postcard to the Museum was released. The donation ceremony of Lu Bing's materials, the "Lu Bing Cup" children's script collection announcement, the Jindong Children's Literature Research Project Route, and the Jindong "Children's Literature Tour" research season were launched simultaneously.

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