Chasing Dreams for the Future in Sci-Fi Chengdu: Official Promotional Video for the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon Unveils

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-10-13 13:36:58

[Video via the Organizing Committee of the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon]

The 2023 Chengdu World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) is set to kick off on October 18. The promotional video for the convention, Chasing Dreams for the Future in Sci-Fi Chengdu, has been released recently.

This three-dimensional animated short film titled Chasing Dreams for the Future in Sci-Fi Chengdu features a Chengdu girl who desires science fiction literature as the protagonist. The storyline follows her journey through time and space in search of the "Star Key", spanning over eighty years of development of the Worldcon.

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