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|ChinaNews|Published:2023-11-07 15:47:41

Recently, the Jinan Weifang Expressway was officially put into use. The entire Jinan-Qingdao Middle Line was connected. In addition to the existing North Line and South Line, an additional expressway was added between Jinan and Qingdao. The Jinan Weifang Expressway is also the first zero-carbon smart highway built in China. Through measures such as emission reduction and removal, direct and indirect carbon emissions during the operation period can reach the net zero standard.

In the past, when entering a tunnel, due to the sudden contrast between light and darkness, drivers would unconsciously apply the brakes to slow down, which is also an important reason for accidents. In the Hushan Tunnel of the Jinan Weifang Expressway, the black and white hole effect has been significantly improved due to the installation of a dimming shed hole at the tunnel entrance. Before entering the tunnel, the light inside and outside the tunnel is softened by the use of the shed hole's step dimming.

Overlooking the Jinan Weifang Expressway [Photo via Jinan International Communication Center]

It is understood that the Jinan Weifang Expressway can achieve the aim of zero carbon and refined energy control, green energy supply monitoring and intelligent regulation, and efficient energy exchange optimization and control of the DC energy network during the operation period by building a renewable energy utilization system, a smart energy network operation system, a near-zero energy building energy-saving system, a sewage and waste resource treatment system, a forestry carbon sink improvement system, and a comprehensive carbon emission control system.

The service areas along the line also adhere to the concept of being green and efficient and provide passengers with various consumption options. Entering the Kunlun service area, the old impression that the service areas only served water and toilets no longer exists. The rich format of commercial complexes makes the service area an important stop for consumption during the journey. At these service areas, various cultural and creative products such as seals, clothing, toys, and travel supplies can allow travelers to check in for cultural activities. Global Shopping gathers luxury, fashion, trendy brands, sports, food, beauty, and other directly sold bonded products from themed countries, and there are also low-priced outlets. It is reported that the business formats of the Jinan Qingdao Middle Line Service Area are all arranged according to four characteristic modules: cultural experience area, food feast area, entertainment and shopping area, and theme exhibition area.

(Source:Jinan International Communication Center)

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