World 'Tourism Experts': Visit to Hubu Alley and East Lake

|ChinaNews|Published:2018-09-21 17:22:51

On Sep. 17th, the third day of the activity, world tourism experts visit to Hubu Alley and East Lake. In the morning, they visited the prosperous snacks street in Wuchang district, Hubu Alley. The tourism expert Syifa from Indonesia had even made some travel guides. ‘It’s a 150-meter long old alley called the first alley of Chinese snacks with the Han style, whose breakfast stands have been existed for over 10 years.’ said Syifa.


Tourism experts taste Wuhan special breakfast in Hubu Alley (Photo by Yang Mengdie)


Tourism expert Syifa tastes a slice of Chinese peach cake in Hubu Alley (Photo by Yang Mengdie)

‘Regan Noodles, fried dumplings, Xiangyang beef noodles... and all the various kinds of food is the breakfast of feast.’ said Doha, the Egyptian Internet celebrity singer.


Zavaryka Mykola, the member of Ukraine National Photographic Artists Association, takes photos in Hubu Alley (Photo by Yang Mengdie)

‘The Hubu Alley is a heaven for delicious food, surrounded with famous streets, buildings, scenery and renowned rivers!’ said Muttapong Namsirikul, the famous TV host and traveler from Thailand. It’s been acknowledged that the Hubu Alley was built in the Ming Dynasty, famous for the vicinity of yamen (the government office) in the Qing Dynasty. Having breakfast is called ‘Guo Zao’ in Wuhan. Famous for having breakfast, the alley is the renowned ‘breakfast alley’. As the old saying goes, ‘Having Breakfast in Hubu Alley, having dinner at the Jiqing Street’, Hubu Alley and Jiqing Street are major scenic spots for visitors.

After the breakfast, tourism experts visited the East Lakes Greenway, located in the East Lakes Ecological Tourism Scenery Area. The Greenway is the longest national greenway around the lake, whose length is 101.98 miles. The Greenway is divided into 7 theme landscape areas, including Ting Tao, Hu Zhong, White Horse, Jiao Ye, Forest, Mo Mount, and Hu Mount, blended in with hills, forests, waters, gardens, islands, river banks, croplands and bays, turning the East Lakes into an ‘ecological heart’ for the public to come close to nature.

Joshua Berida, a travel writer from the Philippines, said, ‘I didn’t think that there is a beautiful lake in Wuhan, an international metropolis. People living nearby are really happy and lucky.’


Joshua Berida, the travel writer from the Philippines is interviewed by local reporters (Photo by Yang Mengdie)

‘The Greenway is really the most beautiful, quiet one with fantastic landscape and cultural atmosphere, which can be regarded as a golden brand of Wuhan. The experience is wonderful when you ride around the lake for the slow pace of life.’ said by Kim Woojoung, the representative of Korean tourism industry.


Kim Woojoung, the representative of Korean tourism industry, is riding around the East Lakes (Photo by Yang Mengdie)


Mostak Ahmed, the Bengalese photographer, is taking pictures of scenery in the East Lakes (Photo by Yang Mengdie)


Tourism experts are at the Huguang Pavilion of the East Lakes (Photo by Yang Mengdie)

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