Li Jieyun: Actively optimize Guangxi’s business environment, fully integrate into the construction of Greater Bay Area

Liu Yang|ChinaNews|Published:2019-03-15 13:00:59

During the two sessions, Li Jieyun, the mayor of Wuzhou City, Guangxi, accepted an interview with CRI Online. Mr. Li said that Wuzhou will actively optimize its business environment, vigorously promote economic cooperation between Guangdong and Guangxi, and fully integrate into the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (or simply Greater Bay Area).


CRI Online interviewing Wuzhou Mayor Li Jieyun. Photograph by Qinxiaobo

Mr. Li said that business environment determines the dynamic and competitiveness in economic development. As a close neighbor wanting to  achieve the goal of deep integration into Greater Bay Area, Wuzhou will make the government more efficient, provide high-quality policies and a a fair investment environment.

In order to join the development of Greater Bay Area, Wuzhou will focus on strengthening the integration of six aspects:

·Conception: Accelerate the integration of advanced concepts, administration modes and high-effciency working mechanisms;

·Transportation: Focus on the interconnection between Guangdong and Guangxi, build a comprehensive traffic pivot network for Greater Bay Area;

·Industry: Accelerate the construction of all kinds of platforms and carriers, actively participate in industry collaborations in Greater Bay Area;

·Ecological cooperation: Enhance the ecological cooperation between cities in the Xijiang Economic Belt, take good care of the local ecosystem as well;

·Personnel: Set up trans-provincial personnel offices in major cities, establish cooperative relationship with universities and business associations, explore and bring in quality human resources;

·Governance: Reinforce the pragmatic cooperation between cities in Greater Bay Area, establish a multi-level and wide-ranging new pattern for collaborating in industrial mutual-prosperity, environmental governance, resources sharing and social affairs managing.(Kevin)

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