Dahua Footpath shows three-dimensional beauty of Chongqing

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-10-02 14:51:52

Recently, Dahua Footpath, the first escalator cliff footpath, has been put into trial operation, and it is only 10 minutes’ walk distance from Daping to Hualongqiao. In addition, it links several famous local tourist attractions, and provides convenience for citizens and tourists.


Dahua Footpath Guidepost, photo by Cao Yonghuan

Dahua Footpath is about 400 meters long, with a height difference between the highest and the lowest about 100 meters. To be convenient for citizens, there are 14 escalators including 7 upward elevators and 7 downward elevators. It is only 10 minutes’ walk distance from Daping to Hualongqiao.

The Footpath is not only convenient for citizens to travel, but also connects the Fotuguan Footpath, forming a footpath system on the mountainside, connecting Guan Yue Temple, Fotuguan Park and other famous scenic spots in Chongqing.


Green leaves and vines over Dahua Footpath, photo by Cao Yonghuan

Dahua Footpath is built on the mountain, with unique shape along cliff. Along the Footpath, the view is broad and the scenery is beautiful. You can observe river, mountain, bridge and city, and experience the three-dimensional beauty of Chongqing. The brackets along the Footpath are covered with green leaves and vines, and the sides are covered with green bamboos. The surrounding area is also planted with camellia, osmanthus and other plants, providing a place for leisure and recreation.

According to the Urban Promotion Action Plan of Chongqing, Chongqing will build a characteristic brand of "Mountain City Footpath", build 17 "Mountain City Footpaths" in the main urban area within 3 years, and make "Mountain City Footpath" an important space carrier to enrich the life of citizens and highlight the characteristics of Chongqing.



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