Chongqing TIANDI Tourist Area creates characteristic cultural tourism experience

|ChinaNews|Published:2019-10-02 14:44:17

Recently, “Hello Monster” Large Inflatable Art Exhibition was held at Chongqing TIANDI Tourist Area. From September 10 to November 15, 2019, several large inflatable artworks were displayed to tourists.


Site of “Hello Monster” Large Inflatable Art Exhibition, photo by Chongqing TIANDI Tourist Area

These large inflatable artworks are from Luke Egan and Pedro Estrella who are famous for their characteristic inflatable artworks and whose works are displayed in the United Kingdom, France, India, Australia and other countries and regions. They hope to call on people to pay attention to the environment, protect the ocean and bring people joy and thinking through their artworks.


Inflatable artworks combining with architecture, photo by Chongqing TIANDI Tourist Area

At the exhibition, 8 inflatable giant octopus artworks with tentacles about 10 meters long were arranged on the buildings at Chongqing TIANDI Tourist Area, giving the buildings a new visual impact. Near the front door of Chongqing TIANDI Tourist Area, about 3.5 meters long giant finger-shaped inflatable artworks combine with the building with grasping posture. On the stilted buildings of the Area, the 16m long “Big Mouth” Inflatable Artwork looks at the pedestrians, attracting tourists to take photo with it.


6m long “Big Mouth” Inflatable Artwork at Chongqing TIANDI Tourist Area, photo by Chongqing TIANDI Tourist Area

It is understood that Chongqing TIANDI Tourist Area has been committed to providing the public with the consumer environment of the most cultural characteristics, and meeting the increasing consumer demands. Chongqing TIANDI tries to create more entertainment experiences for tourists while upgrading consumption by introducing art activities such as “Hello Monster” Large Inflatable Art Exhibition and original cultural activities such as "TIANDI World Music Festival" and " TIANDI Restaurant Week".


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