The Fourth World Conference on Women

|ChinaNews|Published:2020-11-17 14:35:53

The Fourth World Conference on Women was held in Beijing from September 4-15, 1995. More than 15,000 representatives of governments, UN organizations and agencies and non-governmental organizations attended. Centering on the theme of "Action for Equality, Development and Peace," the conference addressed the global strategy to promote gender equality, and adopted the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action.

The Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action, adopted unanimously by 189 countries, became an agenda for women's empowerment, and the key global policy document on gender equality. It set strategic objectives and actions for the advancement of women and the achievement of gender equality in 12 critical areas of concern.

As an important milestone in the history of the global women's movement, the conference went a long way towards promoting social justice and social undertakings in countries all over the world.


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