The 8th Chengdu International Urban Modern Agriculture Expo Held

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-12-08 15:38:52

Recently, the 8th Chengdu International Urban Modern Agriculture Expo was held.

There are nearly 2,000 exhibitors and more than 10,000 participating brands in this expo. Five exhibition areas will be set up on the site, namely, the Sichuan Provincial (State) Exhibition Hall, the Agricultural Cooperation Exhibition Hall, the New Agricultural Management Subject Exhibition Hall, the National Agricultural Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Exhibition Hall, and the Chengdu Agricultural Cooperation Exhibition Hall. During the exhibition, exhibitors carried out a series of exhibition and sales matchmaking and signing activities centering on the theme of "strengthening cooperation, promoting consumption, striving for economic development and opening up new bureaus".

As the theme city of this expo, the Chengdu Theme Pavilion focuses on "going to park city and shopping in Chengdu" as the main line, combining online and offline to create an immersive, interactive and experiential exhibition scene, fully displaying Chengdu's new agricultural technology, new technologies, High-quality characteristic agricultural products and leading enterprises in the industry.

The opening ceremony of the Israel National Pavilion was also held in this expo. At the same time, the exhibition specially set up an agricultural cooperation exhibition hall to focus on displaying countries (regions) along the "Belt and Road" such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Myanmar, foreign sister cities with agricultural high-tech, new models of agricultural production management, agricultural cooperation projects and characteristic agricultural products, etc..

The 8th Chengdu International Urban Modern Agriculture Expo Held_fororder_image001

Israel Pavilion [Photo by Shi Huayu]

The 8th Chengdu International Urban Modern Agriculture Expo Held_fororder_image003

The exhibition [Photo by Shi Huayu]

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