Presenting a Panoramic View of Future Smart Life, AWE2023 Successfully Concludes

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On April 30, 2023, AWE2023 has successfully concluded at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Under the theme of “Smartize the Future”, the four-day AWE2023 presented a panoramic view of the future smart life to global consumers with the latest innovations in many fields including home appliance, consumer electronics, smart home, 3C digital products, smart entertainment, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), wearable devices, virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR), smart connected vehicles, and robotics.

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Attracting more than a thousand exhibitors, AWE2023 fully demonstrates the brand value of AWE

As it regains momentum, the global home appliance and consumer electronics industry will embrace new development opportunities. The success of AWE2023 lays a solid foundation for the industry to embark on a new journey of growth and for companies to showcase their technological strength and accelerate innovation. It also marks a new milestone in AWE’s adventure of internationalization and branding.

Covering an area of 150,000 square meters, the 13 exhibition halls of AWE2023 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre has attracted over a thousand exhibitors, including most of the world-famous companies in home appliance, consumer electronics, and Internet industries as well as suppliers of core components. The expanding scale of AWE is credited to the enormous development potential of China’s home appliance and consumer electronics industry, and it also reflects AWE’s commitment to continuously building itself into a technological, innovative, and digital exhibition.

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AWE2023 has received coverage from multiple television stations. To be specific, AWE2023 was covered multiple times by the news programs of China Central Television (CCTV), including Evening News on CCTV-1, Economic News on CCTV-2, and Morning News on CCTV-13. CCTV focused on the development of smart life scenarios empowered by innovative technology, as well as the fresh new audio-visual experience created by ultra-high-definition displays and VR technology. Beijing TV’s Good Morning Beijing and Shanghai Oriental TV’s Oriental News highlighted the scale and influence of the exhibition, while Guangdong TV’s Evening Focus paid extra attention to the dynamics of Guangdong’s home appliance manufacturers, featuring intensive reports on the strategies and new products of companies such as TCL and Gree. In addition, authoritative media outlets such as and Xinhua Net, internationally renowned media and organizations including TV TOKYO, Fuji Television Network, Kyodo News, as well as CRI Online channels in English, German, Japanese and Korean also conducted comprehensive and in-depth coverage of AWE2023.

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AWE showcases the technology-empowered future smart life

With a focus on “Smart Technologies”, “Smart Scenarios”, and “Innovative Products”, AWE2023 presents a comprehensive ecosystem in the home appliance and consumer electronics industry against the backdrop of constant revolution in emerging digital technologies and global industry integration. During the AWE2023, many enterprises, both at home and abroad, released or debuted new products, strategies, marketing campaigns, and ecosystems, jointly creating a better future life.

The adoption of 5G and the continuous innovation of AI technology have injected new vitality into the development of smart home. Different players in fields such as traditional home appliance, Internet, and technology have entered the track of comprehensive smart home, and competed against each other in the display of smart home scenarios. In particular, top companies have integrated smart solutions into the urban life and brought cases such as smart conferences, smart hotels, and smart healthcare to AWE2023. Haier exhibited its Smart Home Brain platform that offers seamless comprehensive smart home services, presenting a personalized smart life experience based on its complete brand layout and inclusive scenarios. Huawei debuted its HarmonyOS-empowered Whole House Smart Space 3.0 at AWE, realizing smart linkage between people, vehicles, and homes.

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Screens are the core of home entertainment and interaction. Giants in the global display industry are focusing on cutting-edge technologies such as OLED, Mini LED, and laser display. Samsung and Sony showcased their flagship TV models, S95Z and A95L, respectively, kicking off a competition over QD-OLED technology. Samsung’s 89-inch Micro LED made its global debut, while TCL’s Mini LED TV boasted a peak brightness of a stunning 5000nits. In the 8K field, Hisense brought the world’s first 8K laser TV, and Sharp presented the world’s first 120-inch 8K flagship TV. With many “world’s firsts”, AWE has not only brought immersive and stunning audio-visual effects to the live audience but also demonstrated its consistent commitment in the display field.

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At AWE2023, internationally renowned home appliance brands such as Miele, Bosch, Siemens, Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, and Gorenje, as well as Chinese manufacturers like Gree, Fotile, Robam, and Vatti continue to focus on consumers’ core demands for healthy, low-carbon, and integrated design through smart technology-empowered solutions. With relentless effort in innovating core product functions such as the air conditioner with dedicated outdoor air system, freshness preservation, washing and drying, disinfection, water purification, and elderly care, they exhibited new generations of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and kitchen appliances that significantly improve the user experience. It is also noteworthy that leading brands in bathroom accessory, cleaning, beauty, and personal care industries, including HEGII, Arrow, Lexy, and Ecovacs, also showcased smart products that solve pain points in users’ daily lives.

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Scenarios displayed at AWE2023 centered around smart home, extending to various outdoor activities such as travel and camping. In addition to the new energy vehicles showcased by Huawei, Samsung, and Skyworth, smart travel products for cars, such as automotive air conditioning compressors, automotive air conditioning motors, and automotive displays, also appeared at AWE. These products, along with portable projectors, electric stove cooking sets, and other outdoor electronic products, create a new camping experience. Furthermore, smartphones, VR/AR/XR, smart robots, and other 3C digital electronic products contributed to the diversity of AWE, giving the audience a window on future smart life scenarios.

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AWE offers a glimpse into the future smart life, with a shopping carnival of trendy home appliance

Considering the consumption characteristics in the new era and in response to the May 1st shopping frenzy, AWE2023 creates the first showcase for the “future smart life”. Following the trend of “livestreaming e-commerce”, AWE2023 has introduced a livestreaming campaign. With intensive new product debuts and unique advantages in scenario display, the exhibition has attracted authoritative media CCTV-2 (Finance Channel), omnichannel interest e-commerce platform Douyin E-commerce, and professional integrated online shopping platform to launch the May 1st sales promotion campaign, bringing real benefits to millions of consumers.

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In addition, Weibo topics such as #AWE2023 and #Shanghai AWE is worth visiting have all risen to the trending topic list, a telling evidence of the popularity of AWE2023. According to the organizing committee’s statistics, under the AWE2023-related Weibo topics, netizens, media, and exhibitors actively interacted with the official, generating more than 153,000 discussions. By noon on April 30, these topics have received a historical high of over 270 million reads.

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AWE’s concurrent activities have yielded fruitful results in showcasing smart technologies

As an important part of the AWE ecosystem, AWE2023’s concurrent activities and forums focused on topics and cross-industry content related to technological innovation, AIoT, smart home, cleaning appliances, home appliance industry chains, new retail, and other themes, yielding multidimensional new ideas.

The AWE Summit 2023 - Innovation for Real Change, which is aimed at modernizing the real economy and the deep integration of digital intelligence, discussed the innovative development direction of home appliance companies, explored the green development goals of the home appliance industry, and envisioned a bright future for the industry.

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Oriented to China’s long-term development goals for 2035, the AWE Summit 2023 - Future Home 2035 aspires to realize new smart scenarios. Executives from Hisense, Haier, Robam, Arrow, Douyin, and other enterprises, as well as Professor Yan Feng from Fudan University, delved into scenarios including the smart home hub, smart kitchen, and smart bathroom, and new e-commerce marketing methods, laying out the development direction of the future smart life. At the forum, China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA) and China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) jointly released the White Paper on Smart Home Interconnection in China, aiming to promote the interconnection and interoperability standards of smart home from “available” to “handy”, guide the industrial practice of smart home interconnection and interoperability, and drive the healthy development of the smart home industry.

Besides, the AWE Award Ceremony, widely recognized in the global smart life field, staged a comeback after two years. Based on the development trend of home appliance and consumer electronics, which emphasizes smart experiences, innovative technology, low-carbon healthcare, excellent design, and industry chain integration, six specialized awards were selected, including the AWE Top Award, Innovation Award, Smart Technology Award, Design Award, Excellent Product Award, and Core Component Award, as well as the AWE Gold Reputation Award, a consumer review award.

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AWE2023 has come to a successful end, yet the home appliance and consumer electronics industry will never cease its effort in innovation and development. It is believed that in the future AWE will witness more advanced and innovative technologies and products. Let’s look forward to the future smart life. We’ll see you at AWE2024! (By CHEAA)

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