Measures Taken by Xintai City to Boost Rural Cultural Revitalization Achieve Effective Results

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-08-25 11:10:45

In recent years, Xintai City in Tai'an, Shandong Province has taken multiple measures, including innovative strides in cultural activities and volunteer services, and continuous efforts on promoting the cultural undertakings and the cultural industry, to boost rural revitalization with cultural empowerment and cast cultural sparks across the vast lands of Xintai City.

Panorama of Xintai City [Photo by Cyberspace Administration of Tai'an Municipal Party Committee]

Xintai City takes practical actions on public-benefit cultural programs by innovatively launching cultural activities within communities and enterprises. Over the past year, it has been focusing on nurturing the cultural brand of Wenrun Pingyang (culturally enriching Pingyang), implementing the upgrading project with cultural empowerment, and establishing a systematic mechanism for advancing the projects of Cultural Tourism of Pingyang, Culture and Art of Pingyang, Culture and Etiquette of Pingyang, Reading in Pingyang, and Cultural Heritage of Pingyang, thereby building cultural brands with Xintai characteristics.

Up to now, Xintai City has built 37 urban and rural libraries as well as 10 culture and tourism service centers. Additionally, it has held more than 300 cultural and sports activities such as cultural performances in the communities, sports meetings at your doorstep, and public fitness photography exhibition. It has conducted over 10,000 non-profit film screenings and  brought more than 1,300 performances by different organizations to rural areas, benefiting over two million people.