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|ChinaNews|Published:2023-11-02 10:06:06

Jinan's municipal parks are popular, with many scenic spots experiencing record high passenger flow and growth rates. Each park and scenic area meticulously has prepared unique activities, attracting citizens and tourists to visit and experience traditional culture, trendy elements, and ecological science popularization, immersing themselves in the infinite charm of colorful parks.

Jinan's municipal parks are popular[Photo via Jinan International Communication Center]

Come and climb Qianfo Mountain and experience a tour that is filled with traditional features of the Song Dynasty. Citizens and tourists wearing Hanfu walk through the elegant and unique lantern array to the ancient-style market on both sides of the main mountain road. A variety of cultural and creative products, intangible cultural heritage handicrafts, and exquisite cuisine are on display. The amusement park with Song style organized in Qianfo Mountain is showcasing a new and exciting scene, blending traditional culture with trendy elements. It has become popular in the inheritance and development of Chinese culture, allowing tourists from all over the country to see the youthful and artistic style of Jinan, a millennium-old city.

Visiting Jinan Zoo to see our national treasure, the giant pandas, has become the first choice for parent-child tours and family tours. The giant pandas Huaao and Yaji that have just moved into their new homes are truly superstars here! The front door of the new giant panda museum is crowded with people every day, and the two pandas are completely released in the new home to start a fun mode. They play on the slide, flip their heads, enjoy fresh bamboo leaves with relish, and interact happily with fans!

Compared to the hustle and bustle of urban parks, Jinan Botanical Garden has a bit more tranquil beauty. The large lawn in the colorful plant area has become a proper attraction due to its size, beauty, and openness. Citizens and tourists are flocking to the green, setting up tents, flying kites, relaxing, and entertaining in the spacious green space. Children run and play to their heart's content and have close contact with nature, enjoying their leisure time to the fullest.

In addition, Quancheng Park, Forest Park, Baihua Park, and other parks have also held unique activities with diverse styles, ranging from traditional handicrafts to modern creative design, where people stroll and experience the local customs.

(Source: Jinan International Communication Center)

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