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|ChinaNews|Published:2023-11-02 10:34:27

The entire ancient city is surrounded by water systems and has an ancient charm. There is not only water, carriages, pavilions, and buildings, but also boats with black awnings shuttling through the ancient city. Recently, Jinan tourism bloggers sighed when checking in at the Mingshui Ancient City International Spring Tourism Resort (hereinafter referred to as Mingshui Ancient City), “This place is like a water town in Jiangnan”. How should Jinan Mingshui Ancient City stand out among numerous ancient city projects?

Jinan Mingshui Ancient City was jammed with visitors[Photo via Jinan International Communication Center]

Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Jinan, specially checked in at the Mingshui Ancient City. He thought the city contained a lot of local culture and said that the city not only shows the profound cultural heritage of Zhangqiu but also the flowing water with the characteristics of the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is understood that the Mingshui Ancient City is mainly composed of Ming and Qing architecture. At present, the tourist center, metallurgical shop, textile shop, the Courtyard of Meng Family, gate towers, city walls, Huashen Temple, Shuangquan Hotel, and supporting hotel groups in Mingshui Ancient City have all begun to provide services to tourists.

With Qingzhao Culture, Spring Water Culture, Confucian Merchant Culture, and Blacksmith Culture, the Mingshui Ancient City, centered around the Baimaiquan area, has created characteristic attractions such as Meng Hongsheng Cloth Workshop, Wansheng Furnace Smelting Workshop, government offices in ancient China, Weichuan Pharmaceutical Bureau, Changyuan Sauce Factory, Yixiangzhai Oil Workshop, Mo Dou Tofu Workshop, and Ruifuxiang, allowing citizens and tourists to experience the local traditional culture through immersive sightseeing. Ancient Colorful Drama, National Style Handicrafts, Li Qingzhao's Dance, Zhangqiu Bangzi, Peking Opera, Acrobatics, National Style Flash, Spring Show, Drone, Fire Phoenix, and Immersive Script Kill are all performed from morning to evening.

It is understood that the Mingshui Ancient City is based on Jinan elements and Zhangqiu symbols and has planned five functional zones: a hotel conference resort, a natural ecological resort, a Western-style leisure area, a youth cultural and creative area, and an ancient city cultural area. The five functional zones have restored the scene of celebrities former residences, wealthy families, city residents living and working in peace and contentment, and the beautiful lotus root pond outside the city competing against each other.
(Source: Jinan International Communication Center)

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