The Best Naked Eye Screen Lights up Jinan

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-11-03 14:31:04

Recently, the brightest landmark has been set on Jinan Quancheng Road, which attracts a booming passenger flow. The 3D naked eye large screen on the exterior of Quanchengli XINCC has been lit up. The large screen covers an area of 1600 square meters and has an ultra-8K high-definition effect, known as the Best Screen of Qilu (Shandong).

The 3D naked eye large screen on the exterior of Quanchengli XINCC [Photo via Jinan International Communication Center]

As the first night economy complex in Jinan, Quanchengli XINCC opened and operated in mid-August. The early opening of bars, restaurants, cinemas, billiards, chess, and card industries can provide a one-stop solution to the needs of people, especially young people, for food, drink, play, entertainment, and entertainment, expanding the scope of night economy consumption scenarios in the city.

Since its opening, Quanchengli XINCC has been continuously improving. Several key projects have been launched as scheduled. One of the country’s best livehouses, named “響” has become popular with people. The naked-eye 3D screen called the Light of the City of Springs has recently caught the attention of tourists and citizens. It is said to be the highest quality and largest naked-eye 3D screen in the northern region of the Yangtze River.

Wow, the UFO is flying out! A short video of UFOs visually presents the stunning effect of naked eye 3D, attracting passersby to stop and take pictures and videos. In the frame, accompanied by two space doors slowly opening, a flying saucer flies out of the door, visible to the naked eye, as if flying over the city.

In addition, the large screen also plays a series of scenes and words that are full of urban temperature and adapt to the scene, such as "We love Jinan so much", "I LOVE JINAN", "Wish China to be Prosperous and Splendid". The large screen operator stated that the screen consists of two screens, arranged in an L-shaped and 1:2 ratio, which is the most scientific way to construct a naked eye 3D large screen.