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|ChinaNews|Published:2023-11-06 16:23:47

The sky is clear in autumn, and the climate is cool and pleasant, with thousands of springs rushing in. Jinan is becoming a destination for many tourists. As the City of Springs, Jinan's mountains, springs, lakes, rivers, and cities complement each other and integrate seamlessly, making it unique to look at the world. Hot and bustling city made its fame with crowds of people and a high visitor rate. This city will also make every tourist's trip worthwhile.

Jinan is a world-renowned city of springs that has been dynamic since ancient times due to its spring water. The breathtaking scenery of the spring, the crescent moon waterfall, and the black tiger howling moon attract tourists from all over the country to visit.

Jinan Baotu Spring [Photo via Jinan International Communication Center]

The spring water flows into Daming Lake along the moat, and boating on the lake, bathed in the warm autumn sun, makes people particularly comfortable. Qianfo Mountain winding and towering, Hero Mountain's loyal bones sleeping forever, Huashan and Queshan facing each other across the Yellow River, the green mountains in the city have their own unique styles.

Throughout history, literati and celebrities have come to visit in honor of the city’s reputation, leaving behind a strong literary and artistic style in the city. In order to release the cultural heritage of the city to a greater extent, Jinan promotes tourism through culture and highlights culture through tourism. It has presented numerous art feasts for tourists, reproducing the grand scene of art. Jinan is offering a comprehensive and artistic feast for every tourist who comes here.

Since the beginning of this year, Jinan has frequently made social media appearances. At the beginning of the year, the Chaoran Building, known as the Greatest Building in the Northern part of Yangtze River, became popular on online platforms due to a flash video of the lights on, becoming a top tier check-in destination in Jinan.

From then on, the millennium oldcity seems to have found its code to attract visitors, whether it is natural scenery or cultural activities, old buildings or new buildings, all kinds of things like adding filters of internet celebrity to make the city hot.

The spring water flows through thousands of years, and a visit here is a stunning glimpse. Meet Jinan, come to Jinan, fall in love with Jinan, this charming city has more surprises waiting to be unlocked. Your story with Jinan is unfinished and to be continued.

(Source:Jinan International Communication Center)

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