Jinan ICH: Exquisite Miniature Engraving Art

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-11-09 10:41:10

Wang Tianming, the provincial representative inheritor of intangible cultural heritage of Jinan miniature engraving and a master of arts and crafts in Shandong Province, is 75 years old this year and has been engaged in miniature engraving creation for nearly 40 years. Speaking of miniature engraving art, it is the use of knives to carve tiny characters or tiny paintings on any object with a wide range of themes and materials. Although small, the handwriting is neat and regular, with the charm of calligraphy, and the picture is exquisite.

“Miniature engraving is a science of feelings.” Wang Tianming said while engraving words on a small pot, “Many times we rely on our own feelings to engrave, without the use of magnifying glasses or any magnifying devices, relying only on our own eyes and the feeling in our hands. For example, when engraving a line of characters, after the knife is applied, there will be some powder. After sweeping away the powder, the neat and clear characters will come out.”

The miniature engraving technique is amazing, and behind it are years of practice and accumulation. Generally speaking, beginners may not be able to fully master it in the first four or five years, and there are often mistakes in engraving.

Micro Sculpture Art Works [Photo via Jinan International Communication Center]

After decades of continuous creation and exploration, the technique of miniature engraving is no longer a problem, but the challenge lies in the breakthrough of themes and content. This is also what Wang Tianming has been exploring.