State Grid Wuxi Power Supply Company Drives Debut Carbon Tariff Verification and Certification in Jiangsu

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-11-29 17:07:13

On November 21, under the guidance of State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. and with strong cooperation from State Grid Wuxi Power Supply Company, the State Grid (Suzhou) Urban Energy Research Institute reached a cooperation agreement with Yinbang Clad Material Co.,Ltd. to provide services in response to the EU carbon tariff. The State Grid (Suzhou) Urban Energy Research Institute will offer annual services to Yinbang, including EU carbon tariff verification for all affected products and data submission. This marks the first collaboration in Jiangsu Province for carbon tariff verification and certification services.

In October 2023, the EU carbon tariff entered a transitional period, requiring domestic export companies to truthfully report product-related carbon emissions data to importers. Failure to comply may result in default values and subsequent payment of high carbon tariffs by the companies.

In light of this, State Grid Wuxi Power Supply Company actively fulfilled its social responsibility, proactively cooperating with State Grid Jiangsu Provincial Power Company to implement measures addressing the carbon tariff. Through prior specialized investigations and visits, the company identified export enterprises affected by the EU carbon tariff, offering comprehensive energy services to major projects, key clients, and significant enterprises.

In the next phase, State Grid Wuxi Power Supply Company will provide tailored one-on-one services based on the enterprises' needs. They aim to expedite the establishment of an energy management team, enhance the professional skills of front-line personnel, and support enterprises in achieving their "dual carbon" goals at an earlier date.

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