State Grid Powers Rural Revitalization with Considerate Services

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-12-06 17:38:08

Recently, all sections of the rural revitalization comprehensive management platform of Fangyuan Village in Xuxiake Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, have been powered by electricity. This is part of the efforts made by the State Grid Jiangyin Power Supply Company to provide "zero-distance" rural power supply services.

As a pilot county for national rural governance system construction, Jiangyin is deeply engaged in advancing the development of digital villages. In this context, Fangyuan Village established the "Fangyuan e-Home" rural revitalization management platform and launched a WeChat mini-program to offer services that are more in line with public opinion and deeply rooted in people's hearts.

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"Fangyuan e-Home" Rural Revitalization Management Platform

The State Grid Jiangyin Power Supply Company actively cooperates with the Fangyuan Village Party Committee to integrate power data into the "Fangyuan e-Home" platform, visually presenting industry development across different fields and sectors.

Leveraging the "Rural Revitalization Points Bank" established by the Party Committee of Fangyuan Village, the company, in conjunction with the committee, incorporated behaviors such as participating in village customs construction, advance payment of electricity bills, and handling charging services into the points system. Moreover, based on the information about vulnerable groups recorded on the platform, the company regularly organized volunteer activities. The party member service team, along with village committee volunteers and philanthropists, provided door-to-door services. Villagers participating in these activities can earn points, redeemable for equivalent goods.

In the future, the State Grid Jiangyin Power Supply Company plans to integrate more electric power services into the "Fangyuan e-Home", promptly resolving difficulties and handling practical matters for villagers, allowing them to truly experience "zero-distance" and "full-coverage" electricity services.

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